Head 2 Toe Bodyart
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Company Bio
Head 2 Toe Bodyart is run and operated out of the
Chicagoland area by Kathy Beringer
(affectionately known by her peers as, "Kat B.")
Kat began working in the industry as a make-up artist for
Marilyn Miglin Cosmetics in the early 1980’s.  She followed
up her knowledge of commercial makeup by incorporating
airbrush body art into her repertoire in 2000. Kat started-off
her body art career as a self-taught airbrush tattoo artist and
through the Internet, networked to perfect her craft with the
best face and body artists from around the world.
She's instructed at the Manchester, CT Face Painting
Convention 2009-2011and at FABAIC
(Face And Body Art
International Convention) 2009-2012 in Florida.
(2009-2011 in Orlando & 2012 in Ft. Lauderdale)
Kat has performed her services for festivals, grand openings,
publication/product releases and private events. She's
showcased her work for such companies as McDonald's,
Condé Nast, National Geographic Channel, Blizzard
Entertainment (Warcraft), Chicago Bulls, Sony & Nike.