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Please take the time to read through this page. Additions are made weekly, as this is a work in progress.
You will find templates & PDF files to help you with your TAT business.
NOTE: Airbrush Tattoos are referred to as, "TATs", for simplicity's sake.
Stencil Links

Stencil Shop (Owned and
operated by Airbrush
Bodyart in Australia)
My favorite site for stencils.

Tat International - Nice
ribbon stencil w/ quotes.
Located in "custom" stencils

Island Tribal Stencils

Trendy Tribals
Set-up: Stanley
rolling toolbox. The
paint/gun holder &
manifold are
attached with
machine screws and
wing nuts
Close-up of airhose
attached to back of toolbox.
The manifold (used to
divide a single air source
for multiple gun use) and
paint/gun holder. Easily
adaptable for tabletop use.
Note "Cable Cuff": Great
device for holding hose
and keeping it all
Close-up of manifold
Don't waste your money
on stuff like this!
Get a small coffee can, put a
paper towel over the open end
and use a rubber band to hold it
on. Poke a hole through the
towel. Now you can flush your
The Iwata Eclipse BCS.
If you want to keep the hose to 6'
instead of Iwata's 10' airhoses,
you'll need to order:
(99 A1/86: 6 ft. Paasche airhose: $6.60)
and an adapter
(99 A188: Adapter, Iwata to Paasche
hose: $2.65)
Smooth action. Excellent weight.
NOTE: The gun will handle all TAT
inks, except for Glitter White by
Here's my second gun of choice.
The Thayer & Chandler Vega
It has 3 size (#1, #3 & #5) sets of
needles,cones & nozzle caps.
Comes with 6' hose. All around
great gun.
NOTE: The needle extends past
the nozzle cap. Also the handle
(red part) can strip if you tighten it
too much.
To clean your guns, do NOT use pipe
cleaners. The lint and fuzz can lodge in the
guns and clog them up.
The ones on the left sell for 18.95 at Dixieart.
The ones on the right (Praxobrush by Butler) can
be found at your local drug/discount store in the
toothbrush aisle. They sell for around $2.99 for
the 3 pack.
I use both. The Dixieart brushes are expensive,
but priceless when you're trying to dislodge a
stubborn bit in the brush. The Butler brushes are
great to throw into your kit "just in case".
Manifold information on its way.
Keep checking!
Crystal & Glitter Tattoos:
I know this page has nothing to
do with airbrushing, but I my
To clean your stencils:.
after 6-10 uses.) I also have 1-4 duplicate
stencils for the more popular designs. That way
I'm not stopping to clean them when I could be
spraying. Put the stencils in a ziploc baggie, add
99% rubbing alcohol, seal and place in a low
profile, long plastic container (like Tupperware or
Rubbermaid) Shake for a few seconds, let rest,
then shake again. If there's still a bit of ink left on
stencils, rub the OUTSIDE of the bag with finger
tips to loosen paint. (That way you don't bend
stencil parts.) Use a toothbrush with care if
necessary. Shop towels are the best thing to use
as regular paper towels tend to grab at little
stencils parts.

NOTE: It's more important to make sure the
BACK of the stencils is clean, more so then the
front. Otherwise the ink left on the stencil back
will transfer to the clients skin.
I'll be Competition Director at
FABAIC 2014. So stop by and say,