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Henna Tattoos

For skin dyeing, a paste of ground henna (prepared from a
dried powder/ground leaves), lemon juice, sucrose and
natural oils is placed in contact with the skin from a few
hours to overnight. Henna stains can last a few days to a
month depending on the quality of the paste, individual skin
type, aftercare and how long the paste is allowed to stay on
the skin.  

Note: Henna should remain on the skin
for at least 4 hours for maximum color and results.

We use the finest sifted Henna and mix it with lemon
juice, sucrose and essential oils. Since Henna is organic,
each batch is unique in it's ability to stain the skin.

We give each guest written instructions on the aftercare
and staining abilities of the product, once we're done
with their design.